In order to get my site to appear in the search engines' listings, I tried doing it the obvious way: find the correct section in a search engine's pages, choose the "Submit A Site" button, fill in the details, and bingo!  Bugger all happens in several months...

So I looked around for a better method.  The ADDME service offers a two tier approach to registration: FREE, to a subset of engines, and PAID, to a much larger set.  Since my income is absolute zero at the moment, it's the free service for me, as a trial.

ADDME ask for a small consideration in return, and it seems to be fair, so here it is: a small hotlinked ad for their site:

Add Me!

If the free service does well enough, I'll provide a review here in due course, and promote the ad to the StoryLines Home Page.

Although I wasn't expecting it, my submission of material to WRITESAFE produced an entry in some of the major search engines (some are more efficient than others).  Do a search using "Peter G Q Brooks" (don't forget the quotes to force the phrase to be searched for) and up I pop...

So, Thank You, WriteSafe.

I also didn't expect my entries in the current TOOWRITE True Short Story competition to appear in some search engines.

True, you have to search on the title of the piece, and not everything I've written has shown up, but "The Last Banana" appears when you look for it.

So, Thank You, the Derby Telegraph and their TooWrite Competition.

Thank you ASSOCIATED NETWORKS LTD for providing registration of Story-Lines as well as European hosting of this site (and others that I am building) through a very fast connection in London, England, which actually appears to be quicker than my current host in the USA...

So, Thank You, ANL.

Last updated: June 28, 2002

Peter Brooks

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